Along with freelance iOS work, here are a few things I work on. A couple others in the works now that I'll highlight soon!

Merrimac - A Rackspace Monitoring Client for iOS

Merrimac is an iOS app for on-the-go access to your cloud instances, dedicated servers, load balancers, and other assets monitored by the Rackspace Monitoring API. It includes push notification support to inform you of alerts during your commute, lunch break, or any other time you are away from your computer.

  • Push notifications for your alarms
  • Supports your existing entities, alarms, and checks
  • Supports multiple Rackspace accounts with either password or API key authentication

Read more about Merrimac or get it on the App Store.

Professional iOS Network Programming

I co-authored Professional iOS Network Programming with two fellow iOS engineers - John Szumski and Jack Cox. Mobile apps continue to rely more heavily on web services and remote content to provide rich user experiences.

Professional iOS Network Programming briefly touches on designing your web service architecture before covering the iOS networking stack in detail. The book dives into topics like securing your network traffic and optimizations such as caching as well as error handling. The book also covers topics such as push notification best practices, local networking techniques using GameKit and Bonjour, and inter-app communication.

Read more about the book or get it on Amazon.